40 Year Old Virgin (2005) – movie review

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Movie Review by Ania Kalinowska

Starring: Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Romany Malco, Seth Rogen
Director: Judd Apatow

How adorable is Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell)? Finally a character that guys can learn from and ladies can covet. For he is one of the nicest blokes I’ve ever encountered on-screen, and if he existed in real life, so much the better for all humankind! A gentlemanly, good-looking fellow with a sweet disposition, mild manners, kind, a tad shy – who cares that he’s a geeky 40 year-old and still to do the deed? As the subject of the somewhat off-putting title, Andy hasn’t had much luck with the ladies in his four decades of life. When his workmates find out that he is a virgin, they go out of their way to help him, umm, as they say, deflower, with disastrous consequences, of course…

If you’re after a gross-out comedy where two-dimensional characters mope around performing incredibly insipid deeds, then THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN is not going to cut it. Expecting a little more? You’re in luck! This is a comedy jackpot.

One of this year’s top-notch funnies, not much goes wrong with this surprisingly enjoyable film. The prize is attained by the genius script/superb acting coupling, made possible by spot-on comedic timing. It’s simply funny at all the right times, for all the right reasons.

The talent making this sizzle is evident throughout. You’ll remember Steve Carell from comedies like BRUCE ALMIGHTY, where his nonsensical rendition as news anchor Evan Baxter was one of the highlights of the film. Joining him is a force of actors perfecting great wacky roles, from lovesick David (Paul Rudd – Phoebe’s ultimate boyfriend in FRIENDS) to sex-crazy Beth (Elizabeth Banks, SEABISCUIT), and every memorable character in-between. Everyone does their job, and does it well. This deserves cult status for being an adult equivalent of AMERICAN PIE.

Although some trailers make it look a little like nonsensical hullabaloo, don’t be duped. 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN is a rare treat; a witty take on a topic that could easily have escalated into absurdity. But it didn’t. Skilfully managed, notably executed. There are no excuses! You’ll miss out if you don’t give this a go!

5 out of 6 stars