Asterix And The Vikings (2006) – movie review

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Movie Review by Vivienne Messenger

Starring: Paul Giamatti, Brad Garrett, Sean Astin, Evan Rachel Wood
Directors: Stefan Fjeldmark, Jesper Møller

Amongst others we’ve had ASTERIX AND OBELIX TAKE ON CAESAR then MISSION CLEOPATRE, now the duo tackle another peril, THE VIKINGS – fearless Danish marauders known by their savage reputation.

Dubbed into English for youngsters to enjoy, the film shuns CGI in preference to traditional animation techniques and opens with Asterix (voiced by Paul Giamatti) and Obelix (Brad Garrett) being summoned by Vitalstatistix, their Gaulish tribe leader, who informs them his nephew, Justforkix (Sean Astin), will shortly be arriving from Parisium to learn how to fight like a man.

Justforkix is anything but warrior material. A vegetarian with a pigeon called SMS (his Short Messaging Service), Justforkix is more interested in girls and grooving to funky music. He loathes the uncouth ways of these provincial, bumpkin Gauls.

Meanwhile across the North Sea Viking chief Timandahaf mistakenly believes that through fear you gain wings. Unknown to fear, he sets sail in search of a ‘champion of fear’ who will teach him to fly and give him an advantage over his enemies. Leaving his wife Vikea, who’s into self assemble furniture and packs him off with a shopping list of items to plunder, Timandahaf instructs his impetuous daughter Abba (Rachel Evan Wood) these pillaging campaigns are for men folk only. Headstrong Abba though defiantly stows away on her father’s ship.

Back on the Northern coast of France, the Gauls are squabbling amongst themselves which typically descends into a mass brawl. Horrified and fearing for his life, Justforkix runs off shrieking and ends up on a beach where a Viking ship has just moored offshore. Shrieking some more he retraces his steps in a panic and tells Asterix and Obelix his terrifying news. Quaking in his boots from the insanity he sees around him, Justforkix hastily retreats to Parisium but en route is kidnapped by the Vikings who see him as their ‘champion of fear’.

And so an original and amusing tale unfolds as Asterix and Obelix set off to the north on a mission in search of Justforkix and do battle with the Vikings.

This is a thoroughly entertaining film for everyone and skilfully scripted. Full of puns and bizarre antics from the characters it will have you laughing out loud. Though the film is only 78 minutes long, it’s packed with action and set to a lively, pounding soundtrack including the memorable EYE OF THE TIGER track as Justforkix launches into his survival training programme.

If you haven’t seen Asterix and Obelix in action before now is your chance. Don’t miss it and miss out of this wonderfully rewarding French gem that for once isn’t subtitled and would restrict its attraction, especially for youngsters.

5 out of 6 stars