Calcium Kid

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Movie Review by S Felce

Starring: Orlando Bloom, Omid Djalili, Rafe Spall, Tamer Hassan, David Kelly
Director: Alex De Rakoff

Jimmy Connelly (Orlando Bloom) is a very nice guy. He lives in south London, he works as a milkman, and he dreams of becoming regional manager of the milk company he is working for.

One day Jimmy knocks down by accident boxer Pete Wright (Tamer Assam), who is due to fight against Jose Mendez (Michael Pena), the actual world champion. By a strange twist of fate Jimmy becomes ‘The Calcium Kid’, England’s new, promising boxer and has to fight against Mendez.

Surrounded by a bunch of weird characters, from the boxing manager, to the always drunk Irish trainer, the fan stalker and his best friend, Jimmy embarks on this very bizarre adventure.

THE CALCIUM KID is a combination between a boxing film, a documentary and a comedy, and is an enjoyable and amusing experience! The story, though unrealistic and improbable, is told in such a cheeky way it makes it exceptionally funny to watch. The fact that it’s told as a documentary just adds to the amusing real/unreal atmosphere of the film.

The result is a sparkling British comedy full of English humour with an excellent cast and a surprising final twist!

4 out of 6 stars