Cherry Falls

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Jay Mohr, Brittany Murphy
Director: Geoffrey Wright

A small town in America and someone is killing teenagers, but only if they are virgins!

The sheriff thinks he knows who it is, but to reveal it would also reveal a deep dark secret in his past. His teenage daughter (Brittany Murphy) is at risk, but she has her own ideas about finding the killer…. Meanwhile the town’s rebellious teenagers decide to take themselves off the killers wanted list by holding a “lose your virginity” high school sex party.

CHERRY FALLS is an easy movie to pull apart and trash if only because of all the cliches abundantly scattered throughout the film, but it’s actually made very tongue-in-cheek. It’s not a comedy but every opportunity is taken to cater to the obvious. As a character enters a house the first place they will go is a dark basement, an axe will be conveniently left stuck in a log outside, characters are suddenly alone in a dark hallway. From the start we see the killer with long hair and painted fingernails although no other clue as to the killers identity is given, but throughout the film only really one false lead is presented.

This is a film that you would watch with friend(s) for a laugh; do not expect an amazing cinematic experience or an Oscar nomination. It’s not awful as long as you know where your expectancies lie.

This is a low budget, cheap thrills, with a very good pun in the title, CHERRY FALLS, a town’s name and also meant as in the expression ‘pop your cherry’ – get it! (or maybe not if you’re still a virgin).

2 out of 6 stars