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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Jesse Bradford, French Stewart, Paula Garces, Michael Biehn
Director: Jonathan Frakes

A high tech research company has secretly developed a system for the government that speeds up a persons molecules to such an extent that they are able to move at an incredibly high speed, so high that when they are in this state, called hypertime, the rest of the world appears to be moving so slowly that it appears that time is frozen. The technology is built into watches that you wear, but it needs refining and also the government has started to worry terrorists might get the technology and use it against them. So with a few days before shutdown and a power hungry company owner the pressure is on to solve the final glitch on the ‘hypertime’ watches so he can use them for his own personal gain.

Meanwhile our high school hero Zak accidentally finds one of these watches that his father has been working on and spends the day having fun with the watch and his new girlfriend Francesca (Paula Garces) as they drive around town with all the traffic frozen in time, and get some revenge on the school bullies.

But it’s not long before the evil corporation has kidnapped his father and started chasing Zak in hypertime. It’s now up to Zak and Francesca to rescue his dad and bring down the bad guys.

Yes, it’s all fairly silly fun but CLOCKSTOPPERS is enjoyable fun. There’s plenty of action along the way and a very pretty Paula Garces for eye candy. This movie could easily be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Certainly there are a few gaping holes in the technology but who cares. This is an hour and a half of entertainment that works quite well and who wouldn’t like to have one of those watches?

4 out of 6 stars