Confessions Of A Trick Baby

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Movie Review by EDF

Starring: Natasha Lyonne, Vincent Gallo, Maria Celedonio
Director: Matthew Bright

There are very few movies that can boast the controversy that this screenplay had. Loosely described as a cross between Natural Born Killers, Thelma & Louise and bizarrely enough Hansel & Gretel, this actually shows a bit of promise. The only problem is that this is not a movie you can say you took some pleasure from experiencing. While most movies would take prisoners, here they decide to kill them.

“White Girl” played by Natasha Lyonne is sentenced to 25 years prison for a minor crime. On her way to prison, she meets young lesbian Cyclona (Maria Celedonio) who will be doing life for murder. Unfortunately both characters have their flaws – White Girl is bulimic while Cyclona is a psychotic sex crazed killer.

Both girls become friends and before you know it, they break out of prison. Cyclona suggests for them to go to Baja in Mexico where Sister Gomez (Vincent Gallo) will protect them from harm. While injured from the escape, Cyclona leaves White Girl to recover and goes out in search of help of some kind. She comes across a farmhouse and disposes of the occupants without a single thought. Going back for White Girl and crashing out in the farmhouse overnight, White Girl finds out that the reason Cyclona got a life sentence is that she had murdered her whole family. Sickened by this news and Cyclona’s renewed bloodlust, White Girl demands Cyclona to stop her killing spree and to follow her lead.

Eventually finding their way to Mexico, and not before they had left a trail of crack crumbs and dead bodies, they search out Sister Gomez. Sister Gomez senses which demon possesses each girl. To cure them, Sister Gomez isolates Cyclona to make her better and forces White Girl to eat, to drive away her demon. The rest of the movie is so much on the twisted side, you would have thought that David Lynch had directed it.

While this movie does its best to shock and top marks for trying, this is not one of those popcorn type movies like Thelma & Louise. This at times is as gritty as, for example, ‘Bad Lieutenant’. The throwing up scenes are at times a mixture of shock and black comedy. The murder scenes do not make the viewer feel disgusted for watching the brutal violence that these young girls are capable of. Overall, its interesting and well filmed but that’s about it. Watch out for a couple of movie gaffes as well.

3 out of 6 stars