Don’t Say A Word

Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Michael Douglas, Famke Janssen, Brittany Murphy, Sean Bean, Oliver Platt
Director: Gary Fleder

Top psychiatrist Dr Nathan Conrad (Michael Douglas) is preparing to spend thanksgiving with his wife Famke Janssen) and his eight year-old daughter Jesse (Skye McCole Bartusiak) at home in their Manhattan apartment. He receives a call from a close friend and fellow psychiatrist to visit and give his opinion on a psychiatric patient, a young woman called Elizabeth (Brittany Murphy), who experienced a traumatic event 10 years earlier and has been institutionalised ever since and will not talk.

The next day Nathan wakes to find his daughter has been kidnapped and he has until 5pm that day to extract a seven digit number from Elizabeth or his daughter will be killed.

Meanwhile homicide detective Sandra Cassidy (Jennifer Esposito) is investigating two brutal murders in the city and the trail will lead her to cross paths with Nathan. But will it be in time?

DON’T SAY A WORD is an exciting edge-of-your seat thriller that almost anyone will enjoy. It’s tense, not too obvious plot brings out the best in Michael Douglas and introduces Brittany Murphy to the big time with an excellent performance as Elizabeth. Sean Bean is menacing as the cold bloodied villain and you know he will carry out his threat.

Don’t miss DON’T SAY A WORD.

6 out of 6 stars