Drive Angry


Movie review by EDF

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Katy Mixon, Billy Burke, David Morse, Christa Campbell, Charlotte Ross
Director: Patrick Lussier

Well here we go, another 3D movie to dull the senses. With all of the below par movies that have come out recently with post production 3D conversions, sticking 3D on a film does not necessary make it into a great movie. The fact is that some 3D conversions do nothing to convince the eye actually make you realise that the plot is no great shakes either. Thankfully we now have a proper action movie that has been shot in 3D. It is about time because moviegoers are starting to get a bit tired of paying extra for something that would look just as good in 2D. Now we have a movie where paying extra for the 3D experience will actually be worth it!

Milton (Nicholas Cage) has escaped from Hell. Milton’s daughter was brutally murdered by the religious cult leader Jonah King (Billy Burke) who plans to sacrifice her baby in a ritual to bring hell on earth. What Jonah is unaware of is that hell is already on earth in the shape of Milton, who has only three days to save the baby. Milton will use any means necessary to stop Jonah and so the movie starts with Milton tracking down some of Jonah’s men to obtain information as to where the cult leader is.

With his car in ruins, Milton finds himself at a roadside diner admiring the vintage ’69 Dodge Charger that belongs to waitress Piper (Amber Heard). Having a rough day at the diner, no thanks to the owner’s sexual advances, Piper quits and heads back home. Along the way, her car breaks down and Milton just happens to come along at the right time to fix the car. He asks for a lift to wherever Piper is going and Piper obliges. Parting ways, Piper arrives home to find her boyfriend cheating on her, followed by arguments and violence. Milton saves Piper from a beating and they both leave. Realising that there is nothing holding her back, Piper joins Milton on his quest. Will they both be able to stop Jonah King in time? Who is the mysterious Accountant (William Fichtner) that is intent in finding Milton?

There is a lot that could have been wrong with this movie. First off is that the director is Patrick Lussier who previously directed MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D. The movie premise just sounds ridiculous but somehow, it all comes together, with a nice mix of action and humour. In a way it is similar in tone and spirit to the hit TV show, SUPERNATURAL. It also has a lot in common with TERMINATOR 2, which will become obvious when watching DRIVE ANGRY.

While this is a fun movie that goes from one set piece to another, it does not try to take itself too seriously. There is a lot to enjoy, especially whenever William Fichtner appears, as he steals every scene as The Accountant sent from Hell. This is one of those enjoyable popcorn movies that just deliver from start to finish with satisfying results. Oh, before I forget, the 3D isn’t half bad either.

5 out of 6 stars