Final Destination 2 (2003) – movie review

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Movie Review by EDF

Starring: Ali Larter, A J Cook, Michael Landes, Terrence ‘T C’ Carson, Keegan Connor Tracy Director: David R Ellis

Today’s lesson will feature the letter H. H is for Hollywood and H is for horror. Most of the time the words Hollywood and horror do not go well with each other, others would say that Hollywood is a horror anyway. Which brings us to what looks likely to be the next franchise horror series – FINAL DESTINATION.

For those not familiar with the first movie, a group of students are on a plane to Paris and as it’s about to taxi down the runway, one of the students has a vision that the plane will have an accident. He and some of the students get off the plane only to watch it explode in mid take-off. What happens next is that Death follows and takes the survivors according to the order the students should have originally died.

FINAL DESTINATION 2 is set one year after the plane crash where we find Kimberly Corman (A J Cook) and her three friends heading out on a road trip. Along the way Kimberly has a premonition of a horrific car accident where the four of them die. Attempting to prevent the accident from happening, her three friends are killed and Kimberly escapes Death’s plan except that now the people she has saved are next on Death’s list.

With a clever link to each character from the second and first movie, this is a satisfactory sequel for those that enjoyed the first. Instead of the usual guessing who will be the next victim scenario as in other horror movies, FINAL DESTINATION 2 cuts to the chase as we know who will be next. What has us guessing is how each character will die. Each death is inventive, gruesome and gory beyond belief. In fact I laughed out loud at how ridiculous some of the deaths were. FINAL DESTINATION 2 is not trying to be anything else but a well-executed horror movie. For once, a sequel has not made a mockery of the original but it would be best for the producers not to do a third movie.

4 out of 6 stars