Final Flight Of The Osiris

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Director: Andy Jones

FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS is an eleven-minute short film, which is part of THE ANIMATRIX.

THE ANIMATRIX is a collection of nine short films featuring various types of animation and is part of the world of THE MATRIX.

This segment FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS uses state of the art CGI in the style of FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN and I warn you now that it takes a few seconds for your senses to accept that the people on screen are created by CGI and are not real people. The animation is superb to say the least. The ‘girl’ is a babe and I can tell you it’s a little disconcerting to think that you fancy a computer-generated character. It’s actually a relief to find out that the used scans of a real live model’s face, but what about the body! ?

FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS will be shown theatrically with the movie DREAMCATCHER and the whole of THE ANIMATRIX will be released on DVD in between the releases of THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS.

6 out of 6 stars