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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Luke Perry, Ben Daniels, Orla Brady, Jeroen Krabbe, Stephanie Leonidas, Elliott Jordan
Director: Ate de Jong

Three friends are driving on a remote mountain road when they hit a thick fog bank that restricts their vision more than a few metres. They are forced to stop and spend the night in their rented car venturing out into the eerie fog to check out their isolated surroundings.

The real story however lies in the tense, underlying relationship that exists between them. Ann (Orla Brady) and Leo (Ben Daniels) are the married couple, while Bob (Luke Perry) is their best friends who had coincidentally run into the pair while visiting the same country at the same time.

Although the majority of the movie concentrates on the dialogue and interaction between the three, Ann wants a divorce, Leo doesn’t want children and Bob is secretly in love with Ann, there are numerous flashbacks to events that have either already happened or in the case of Leo, have occurred in his imagination.

The film plays out like a stage play and while it is technically well made and the actors portray their characters more than adequately the script seems overly contrived as if this could exist only in the writer’s mind, and therefore rather unbelievable.

It’s not a particularly long film but even at 97 minutes it would benefit from a shorter running time and a faster pace.

3 out of 6 stars