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Movie Review by Susan Hodgetts

Starring: Paul Spence, David Lawrence, Gordon Skilling, Tracey Lawrence, Sage Lawrence
Director: Michael Dowse

A cross between WAYNE’S WORLD and THIS IS SPINAL TAP, spoof documentary FUBAR is a very interesting little film. Managing to feel fresh this ‘mockumentary’ is also a slice of the rarely seen Canadian comedy circuit.

Described as an acronym referring to an obscene army expression (I think we can guess what that is) FUBAR follows two Canadians with ‘hockey hair’ (the Canadian long-haired mullet) as they follow their ‘headbanger lifestyle’, which largely involves beer, more beer, and, err, quite a lot of beer – plus a smidgeon of vandalism. And some heavy metal thrown in somewhere amongst all the smashed up furniture.

Documentary maker Farrel Mitchner (Gordon Skilling) shadows lifelong friends Terry (Dave Lawrence) and Dean (Paul Spence) around High River, Alberta, with his crew to make a documentary about this ‘headbanger lifestyle.’ Having grown up together Terry and Dean have shared many glorious pissed moments, “shot-gunned” their first beers with each other and continue to shotgun them at every spare opportunity. Both are too busy getting hammered to face up to their responsibilities, unlike their sensible friend Tron. For once upon a time they were three, before Tron – real name Troy, but he changed it to Tron to make himself seem more interesting – settled down with his partner Laurie.

But suddenly Dean finds he has to face up to his responsibilities when he’s caught out one day discussing his “inflated nut,” after Terry gives it away that he may have a problem with one of his testicles.

Shot entirely on DV to full effect, the documentary feels pretty real and even includes a bona fide (hilarious) fight that the real filmmakers chanced upon one night at a local bar. Spot on in its raw humour it is by turns very amusing, rough and with a surprising emotional edge.

The ups, downs, joys and consequences of the headbanger lifestyle are displayed with wit, a fierce never say die spirit and above all an undying devotion to beer.

Beer monsters and their rock chicks everywhere will love this. Shame they didn’t get Budweiser to sponsor the movie.

3 out of 6 stars