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Movie Review by Nigel A.Messenger

Starring: Mariah Carey, Max Beesley, Eric Benet, Kyle Thrash, Chris Tessaro
Director: Vondie Curtis-Hall

Set in the 80’s Mariah Carey plays a young singer Billie Frank, who is discovered by a well known DJ / producer, signed by a record label and goes straight to the top.

On the way she falls in love with Dice, who while returning her love becomes over protective and is unable to cope with her fame overshadowing his.

There is also an underlying story of Billie’s true feelings about being abandoned as a child and her desire to be reunited with her mother.

GLITTER is a simple and undemanding film with stereotyped characters and few surprises, but it’s actually not that bad. It’s Mariah Carey’s first movie role as the main star, a job she handles well. She underplays her character to good effect, however at times the character is too underplayed. There again, that’s better than overplaying a role.

GLITTER will please Mariah Carey’s fans no end because she looks good all the way through and although this is not a musical, when she does sing, she sounds good too.

I’m sure not too many film critics will rate this movie very highly, if at all, but it does have an audience, after all Mariah does have a very large fan base and a lot of people are just plain interested in what she will be like on screen.

GLITTER should satisfy her fans, they get to see lots of screen time with Mariah. As long as their expectations stop there they will enjoy it, and making a decision on whether to go and see this film should be based purely on that criteria.

2 out of 6 stars