Goldfish Memory

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Movie Review by Almiro Jorge

Starring: Sean Campion, Flora Montgomery, Keith McErlean, Stuart Graham
Director: Liz Gill

Not just another film about homosexuality…

In short, GOLDFISH MEMORY is a light-hearted view about people exploring their sexuality and experimenting with bisexuality in contemporary Dublin.

In this romantic comedy, everyone is looking for love, beginning with Tom (Sean Campion), an English lecturer who is trying to bed his students, one by one. The title is synonymous with the chat line that he uses on each of them; telling them that a goldfish’s memory only lasts three seconds, which is ironically used against him in the latter part of the film.

Tom’s current fling, Clara (Fiona O’Shaughnessy), sees him kissing another woman, which in turn, is the initiation of her sexual exploration. She stumbles upon a lesbian TV presenter, Angie (Flora Montgomery), who falls in love with her at first sight, and decides to give it a try.

In the multi-threaded plot, a gay bike courier, Red (Keith McErlean), who is Angie’s friend, takes a liking to David (Peter Gaynor), who doesn’t know if he is gay. He entertains his ideas by cheating on his girlfriend, who is trying everything to arouse him.

As a whole, the cast is enjoyable and their chemistry creates a great atmosphere in the film. Despite the plot and the sensitive issues set forward in the film, it is very enjoyable, although the humour is as times a little insipid. The time frame of the film doesn’t seem to add up at all and unfortunately the film has too many stories running into one. The fact that all the characters are intertwined gives the impression that everyone in Dublin must know each other.

Going out to the movies to watch this film will definitely ensure a few laughs but you will probably experience ‘goldfish memory’ about it.

3 out of 6 stars