Good Boy! (2003) – movie review

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Movie Review by Vivienne Messenger

Starring: Liam Aiken, Kevin Nealon, Molly Shannon, Matthew Broderick, Brittany Moldowan
Director: John Robert Hoffman

Dogs are from outer space or to be more precise from a planet called Sirius – did you know that? Well I didn’t, not until I saw GOOD BOY! Hubble, a terrier, is sent on a mission to Earth after disturbing reports reach Sirius that dogs do not govern Earth but are subservient to humans and looked after as – horrors of horrors – pets!

Unfortunately Hubble’s spacecraft crash lands on Earth, but fortunately it’s near the home of Owen Baker (Liam Aitken) a dog lover and walker during the summer vacation for several of his neighbours’ spoiled pooches. By exercising and looking after these dogs, Owen’s reward from his parents is one of his own and when he visits the local dog pound with them he chooses Hubble or rather Hubble chooses him by getting his attention in a rather unusual way.

Entrenched in a family home as a pet, Hubble, our undercover agent witnesses dogs’ status on Earth and is dismayed as his leader the powerful Greater Dane is due to visit Earth shortly and determine the fate of all dogs on Earth. Then Hubble blows his cover as Owen follows him back to his spacecraft and a freak accident occurs enabling Owen to understand him and talk to other animals. Can anything else go wrong for Hubble? Well yes, as he’s faced with the task of training his unruly fellow pooches in time for The Greater Dane’s visit he enlists Owen’s help. The two embark on a fun-filled, frolicking adventure.

Owen Baker does a magnificent job with a very talented group of intelligent four-legged friends who will win their way into the hearts of most of the audience. The sheer intricacy of some of the complex stunts these dogs pull off is quite incredible (with the help of some CGI) but one of the funniest was the de-stressing class Hubble takes in the park.

Enlightening, witty and uplifting, GOOD BOY! is certainly an entertaining family movie for all animal lovers in particular and our dexterous Hubble certainly lives up to his name after that famous, groundbreaking telescope orbiting Earth.

5 out of 6 stars