Halloween Resurrection

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Movie Review by Dr Kuma

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Busta Rhymes, Tyra Banks, Bianca Kajlich, Sean Patrick Thomas
Director: Rick Rosenthal

2002 has been a strange year for a couple of horror movie stalwarts. First of all we see the admittedly cheap, but very entertaining addition to the FRIDAY THE 13 TH saga JASON X (or Jason in Space). We then had the latest (last?) entry in the HALLOWEEN series, RESURRECTION, which has no right to be any good at all, based on some of its previous entries, but which actually succeeds in reaching most of the levels required for good old scare fare.

Of course, whereas some of the FRIDAY THE 13 TH series were vaguely entertaining teen flick horrors, two of the previous entries in the HALLOWEEN series are out and out classics. The first HALLOWEEN film by John Carpenter is one of the most influential horror movies ever made, no question. The second one of note; HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH, is one of the most underrated horror films ever and is only now being reassessed after years spent in the bargain bin of ‘Horrordom’.

The latest instalment sees Michael Myers return to his home town of Haddonfield, where an internet entrepreneur has hatched a clever plan. He wants to lock six kids in the old Myers house and film the proceedings by minicam- obviously helping with a scare or two on the way. What he doesn’t bank on is ‘The Shape’ himself returning, who, after an excellent opening, finally gets to meet his sister (Jamie Lee Curtis) after all these years of trying. As you imagine, it’s not all hugs when they meet again. This brisk opening reminds you of the second instalment in the series, which is probably due to the fact that it’s director Rick Rosenthal has returned to the helm after 20 years. This time however, as opposed to just gore, he explores the changes in teenager’s lives over the past two decades (MTV, internet, consumerism, digital technology etc) to full and very clever effect.

Although the original movie is copied to this day, this film seems to borrow heavily from other horror films (specifically BLAIR WITCH and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) as well as the fascination of fly on the wall documentaries such as BIG BROTHER, THE OSBORNE’S and any number of ‘real-life’ dramas. The real world to the surreal world.

All in all this will pass the time very well on Halloween itself and will guarantee a few scares before you hit that fancy dress party.

Dr Kuma’s verdict: Like its predecessor SEASON OF THE WITCH, RESURRECTION exploits the fascination with TV and how it affects our world. With the internet now added, we are the flies on the wall who should be careful of the web. Now, instead of a phone call saying, “he’s in the house”, our heroine gets a text… “he’s coming up the stairs – RUN!”

4 out of 6 stars