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Movie Review by Neils Hesse

Starring: Michel Subor, Gregoire Colin, Katia Golubeva, Bambou
Director: Claire Denis

As the director herself put it, this film is neither drama nor thriller. Confused? Well let’s just say that it’s unique. Louis (Michel Subor) is an isolated old man living in the woods. His only human contact is with his mistress and with another woman whom he obviously has a hankering for. For an unexplained reason he deftly cuts the throat of an intruder on his patch, then soon after he pays for a human heart on the black market to replace his own ailing one. Armed with his new heart he goes on a mission to find a son that he has never acknowledged and this journey leads him to a powerful but painful end.

Michel Subor gives a sufficiently absorbing performance as a mysterious loner and director Claire Denis sticks to her own unwavering brand of filmmaking. To fully grasp the concept of this film you would probably have to see it more than once.

But then is it worth seeing more than once? Yes it is but only if you are a fan of arty films and you see it in the comfort of your home. I do not feel that this is exactly what I would call “cinema worthy”.

So for something different give it a go but do it at home.

2 out of 6 stars