Laura’s Star

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Movie Review by Neils Hesse

Starring (voices of): Maximilian Artajo, Peter Fitz, Hildegard Krekel, Eva Mattes
Directors: Piet De Rycker, Thilo Rothkirch

Have you ever felt lonely and unable to fit into your surroundings and if you have didn’t you wish for something wondrous to happen that could change all that?

Little Laura has just moved from the countryside to an apartment in the city with her mum, dad and baby brother. She isn’t happy to be in a new place without friends and it’s only the coaxing from her mum that convinces her to give it a chance. On one particularly lonely night though Laura is gazing up at the starry night sky. She notices a bright light falling from the sky towards her, which falls in the park nearby so she decides to sneak out for a walk and rushes over to see what it is, only to discover a little injured star! She decides to take it home with her so that she can nurse it back to good health. After a while Laura’s star recovers and she starts to have all sorts of fun with her new found friend but as much as the little star loves Laura it has to return to its home before it loses its glow. Laura must now find the courage to let her beloved little star go before it’s too late.

Piet De Rycker and Thilo Rothkirch do an excellent job of directing this little animated gem. It has a very storybook look, which perfectly suits the tale and nothing is over done, it is all very subtle and sweet. LAURA’S STAR is well suited for three to eight year-old children but it does not treat its audience with disregard simply because of their young age and is an intelligent and inventive film that aims to awaken their imagination. It is also easy viewing for adults and should make a lot of parents, who will inevitably have to sit through repeated viewings with their kids, very pleased. Hans Zimmer, the main composer, adds an enchanting piece of music to this lovely little film that perfectly complements the characters and the story.

This animated feature should make the fans of storybooks very happy, it is a fantastic children’s film and it works wonderfully.

4 out of 6 stars