Lucinda’s Spell (1998) – movie review

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Jon Jacobs, Christina Fulton, Shannah Bettz, Leon Herbert, Alix Koromzay, J C Brandy
Director: Jon Jacobs

What does it take to make a 1 hour 45 min feature movie filmed on location in New Orleans about witches, hookers, magic, the descendant of Merlin, a spell contest and a mother who has lost her son and wants him back.

A few million dollars, a couple of leading Hollywood names at the top of the cast. The latest in special effects, a top PR and marketing team and worldwide distribution deal?

Well no, as a matter of fact it seems it takes one English filmmaker, who is also the leading man, director, writer and has the ability to invent one of the best press kits any publicity department has come up with for years. Oh yes plus a gorgeous leading lady and $150,000.

Eight years ago English filmmaker Jon Jacobs left London to head for LA to make movies. His first role was in WELCOME SAYS THE ANGEL and his directorial debut was THE GIRL WITH THE HUNGRY EYES which was voted the best horror film of 1995 by Cinefantastique.

Jon Jacobs has so far starred in 11 low budget indie movies, and if he gets his LUCINDA’S SPELL shown in front of the right people, he is destined for the big time.

He has a unique screen presence that comes across in LUCINDA’S SPELL and could be exploited further in the future in both independent and mainstream movies.

His co-star Christina Fulton (Lucinda) is dazzling. Both gorgeous and talented, she has appeared in over 15 features, including the lead role in Jon Jacobs GIRL WITH THE HUNGRY EYES. Originally from Boise, Idaho, she made her screen debut in Oliver Stone’s THE DOORS. She was recently nominated as Best Actress in the Method Festival.

LUCINDA’S SPELL, a black comedy, is the story of a hooker, Lucinda Bale, who, because of her profession, is not allowed to join the local witches coven, but is determined anyway to enter the contest to cast the most powerful spell on the eve of Beltane. The winner of the contest gets to bed the “First Horn”, who is visiting New Orleans for the Beltane ceremony, and will give him a child to carry on his bloodline.

Little does the First Horn (Jon Jacobs) know, but during his visit to New Orleans a few years earlier, a liaison with Lucinda had already produced a son and heir.

To add another twist or two Lucinda has had to place her son into an orphanage and the First Horn has two hit men out to kill him.

Maybe the film’s pace could be speeded up a fraction, but Christina Fulton and Jon Jacobs manage to carry the film through to its conclusion and keep the viewers attention.

Watching LUCINDA’S SPELL you begin to realise if things go their way you are watching two potential future superstars in the making.

LUCINDA’S SPELL is on limited release and gradually making its way around, hopefully to a theater near you. Miss it and you WILL miss out.

4 out of 6 stars