Mr Deeds

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Movie Review by Dr Kuma

Starring: Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, John Turturro, Steve Buscemi, Jared Harris

Director: Steven Brill

2002 has seen some truly awful movies released while other very talented movie makers struggle to get any kind of financial backing or support. When you see some of the dregs that have big budgets behind them, you really do feel for those people who’s talent may never see the light of day, or the light of a projector on a decent screen. The reason I say this is because I had to sit through this unbelievable turkey, whose sets alone could have paid for dozens of talented independent filmmakers to bring their dreams to the screen and perhaps change a few lives in the process. The sets are the only interesting thing in this excuse for entertainment, which along with THE SWEETEST THING, RAT RACE and LONG TIME DEAD, easily fill the bottom of any barrel. (I have yet to see Madonna’s latest effort, but based on the trailer alone, it looks set to join them, but I won’t know until it’s given a release here in England).

The story concerns a guy named Deeds (Sandler) from the small town of Mandrake Falls, who, for no specific reason other than it’s the good old fashioned thing to do, inherits controlling interest in a massive media corporation from his deceased uncle. In his own way he starts injecting his small town values into the company and it’s employees, which rub off, making the world a better place. However, a New York tabloid TV reporter, Babe (Ryder), is sent undercover as a small-town girl to do an expose on him, falls in love with him along the way and ends up trying to clear his name after the press try to black list him.

Heard this plot before? If you have, then keep the cherished memories of that black and white world and don’t waste your time seeing this disaster. The set pieces, dialogue and performances are terrible. John McEnroe, in a small part is a great commentator but a truly awful actor. Steve Buscemi, is wasted, or probably would have been when he agreed to play the part of Crazy Eyes. A host of great actors are wasted with only John Tuturro carrying off anything other than a paycheck. So many actors in this have been so good in the past it pains me to see them in such utter crap, I doubt Winona will get arrested after this (a bad gag but better than anything in this criminal picture). Perhaps she should be released and this picture locked up. If there is any truth in the justice system, then this will be the case. Although I loved THE WEDDING SINGER, Adam Sandler seems to have made a career out of playing the likeable hick. He really needs to do something better than this if he wants to give any kind of longevity to his career. A truly awful film, the only laugh was from a small girl who laughed at the word ‘turd’. Sums this up really.

Dr Kuma’s verdict: Mr Deeds – Mindless Rubbish. Dreadful Empty Egotistical Dreadful Shite.

1 out of 6 stars