Mr In-Between

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Movie Review by Alice Castle

Starring: Andrew Howard, Geraldine O’Rawe, Andrew Tiernan, David Calder, Clive Russell

Director: Paul Sarossy

MR IN-BETWEEN is a stylish, menacing thriller starring Andrew Howard as professional hit man Jon. Set in Bermondsey and Hackney, London’s seedy underworld is run by smart, sadistic villains reminiscent of the nastiest Dickensian characters. Known only as the ‘Tatooed Man’ (David Calder), Jon’s boss instructs his employee who’s next on his hit list. In return Tatooed Man keeps Jon in an apartment that wouldn’t look out of place in Wallpaper magazine, expensive suits and substances to numb the pain between hits. His existence is that of Dostoevsky’s Underground man – testing the limits of just how far down you can stoop, and still be considered human.

The arrangement is disturbed when Jon runs into an old school friend Andy (Andrew Tiernan) who befriends him and introduces him to his wife Cathy (Geraldine O’Rawe), also an old schoolmate. The cool, and alienated Jon begins to soften as he finds out that there is life beyond his bizarre existence. When he makes a fatal error in one shooting, he realises that there maybe a way out of the life he’s made for himself, but it could involve making a few painful sacrifices.

Andrew Howard gives his character a notable performance that is well played throughout. The cinematography is outstanding and the soundtrack is an interesting complement to the movie. If you like cruel thrillers – then you’ll enjoy MR IN-BETWEEN.

3 out of 6 stars