My Little Eye

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Jennifer Sky, Stephen O’Reilly, Laura Regan, Sean C W Johnson, Kris Lemche

Director: Marc Evans

When I attended the press screening of this movie the director, who was at the screening, introduced the film as a ‘nasty little movie’ and it is but it is also a good horror movie.

Five people, three men and two women, apply to live in an isolated house together for six months watched the whole time by cameras and broadcast live on the internet. It’s a sort of BIG BROTHER reality show and the prize is a million dollars and each participant will get an equal share but none must leave the house and if anyone does they all lose.

Things move along fairly well for a while until strange things start to happen reflecting secrets from the individuals’ pasts. Then one night they are visited by a stranger who stays the night and seemingly gets along with most of the group especially Charlie (Jennifer Sky) with whom he spends an intimate night. He seems unusually natural and unconcerned by the cameras and leaves before anyone wakes in the morning.

After this things start to take a different turn in the house and in true horror move style – people start to get killed off.

MY LITTLE EYE clearly exploits audiences current fascination with reality TV shows and is a sort of mixture of two thirds psychological horror followed by one third of the Jason ‘Friday The 13 th’ type of movie. I’m sure I even heard some of the ‘Jason type’ sound effects thrown in somewhere in the film.

MY LITTLE EYE was shot on digital video and is a low budget movie but it shows that with the right ideas, an imaginative director and good actors you can still produce a good movie that will hold audiences firmly in their seats.

4 out of 6 stars