National Lampoon’s Pledge This

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Movie Review by Neil Sadler

Starring: Paris Hilton, Paula Garces, Sarah Carter, Simon Rex, Alexis Thorpe

Director: William Heins

When a film from the National Lampoon team comes out starring Paris Hilton, you know exactly what you are getting.

Hilton plays a rich head of a sorority. Strict rules govern who is eligible and high jinks occur (!) when an inappropriate group of girls try to gain entry. When the girls discover that they have been duped, they plot revenge.

This is comedy of the lowest comedy denominator. The jokes are childish and generally involve nudity, sexual innuendo and toilet jokes. That it also manages to be sexist, racist and homophobic is sad, if also pretty obvious.

This is the kind of film that makes AMERICAN PIE seem like Shakespeare. The fact is that the only known actor is Paris Hilton – whose performance hardly justifies the term acting. Her acting highlight so far – apart from THAT video’ of course – has been her death scene in HOUSE OF WAX which earned the biggest cheer when I saw it.

All the cast here seem desperate to please but bless ’em the material seems to have been created by editing random bits from every teen sex comedy since PORKY’S. Very few jokes even managed to raise a smirk – and I can’t really think who this is aimed at.

Still it is mercifully short and there aren’t any extras to trouble you.

1 out of 6 stars