Offending Angels

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Movie Review by Neils Hesse

Starring: Susannah Harker, Andrew Lincoln, Shaun Parkes, Andrew Rajan, Paula O’Grady

Director: Andrew Rajan

Ever wondered about guardian angels? This movie revolves around the exploits of two angels, namely Paris (Susannah Harker, INTIMACY) and Zeke (Shaun Parkes, THE MUMMY RETURNS). The plot also involves Sam (Andrew Lincoln, GANGSTER NO. 1 and Baggy (Andrew Rajan), who also directed the film.

Sam, a former security officer, has hopes that he could one day do what he always wanted to do but is too shy to pursue it. Baggy gave up a lucrative job in the city when he discovered his fiance was sleeping with his boss and thus resorted to sexual escapades with married women and living more or less in a living room on a couch. Sam and Baggy share a flat and wallow in their sorrow together. Two angels are sent down to help guide Sam and Baggy to their individual goals, Paris guiding Sam and Zeke guiding Baggy. Paris was originally a dolphin and Zeke a squirrel. They were reincarnated as guardian angels and this is their first assignment.

The performances by Susannah Harker, Andrew Lincoln, Shaun Parkes and Paula O’Grady (making her acting debut playing Sam’s love interest) are good, whereas Andrew Rajan’s acting isn’t particularly captivating even though his role in the movie is perfect for expressing a range of emotions. The film’s pace is slow and the plot changes from comedy to melodrama to forbidden love story rendering it uncertain of what it is meant to be and the storyline although good is weaked by a screenplay that was not fully developed. Fortunately the music in the film isn’t bad particularly a song called YOU THE MAN – by Mover. Hopefully the actors and production teams will move on to greater things.

2 out of 6 stars