Old School

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Ellen Pompeo, Sara Bryan, Sydney Bryan

Director: Todd Phillips

To start with I would like to point out that I have absolutely no share of the profits of this movie, so please forgive me if I rave on about it.

But first of all the story.

Mitch (Luke Wilson) discovers his wife cheating with not one but two people – at the same time – so after moving out of his home and into a house situated on the campus of a university his friends decide to launch him into his new found bachelor lifestyle in the most extreme ways possible. Without going into too much detail they start a fraternity and even though most of the members have no connection with the university they use every loophole they can find to use their fraternity status to its maximum advantage. There is however one problem, the dean hates them because he actually did go to college with them years before and suffered from their student pranks. He is now determined to do whatever it takes to dissolve their fraternity and evict them from the campus.

The story is of course crazy but who cares when scene after scene delivers real laughter and not just the kind you want to smile at, I’m talking real laughs – with tears in your eyes.

The characters here are used to their fullest and they are put in funny situations with perfect comic timing. Their often dry delivery works perfectly and you even get a great music soundtrack thrown in.

To top things off there are some nice cameo appearances that include Snoop Dog playing himself, Seann William Scott as a children’s animal petting zoo handler and Elisha Cuthbert as a very hot looking but slightly underage temptress.

OLD SCHOOL doesn’t have any pretensions, there are no underlying morals, no nice little sugar-coated sub-texts, it’s just straightforward fun whose aim is to make you laugh.

OLD SCHOOL has to be one of my all time favourite comedies. Roll on OLD SCHOOL 2.

6 out of 6 stars