The Other Woman (2014)

Movie Review by Ade Braithwaite

Stars: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nicki Minaj

Director: Nick Cassavetes

I could not wait to see this film. With two of the finer comedic actresses of recent times, Ms. Diaz and Mann gracing the screen, much was expected. Who could blame me? Oh boy did I leave the cinema happy? Yes! Did my ribs ache? No! Now that’s funny, A-list talent, maturing beauties, two young up and coming voluptuous actresses was a sure banker for a fun filled barrel of side splitting laughs. This unfortunately wasn’t the case and whilst I liked the film my anticipated excitement was perhaps misplaced.

Put aside your disbelief of the film’s premise, it’s a comedy after all, the story goes something like this…

A cheating philanderer Mark King’s ( Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) conquests, his wife (Leslie Mann ) and eventually his two other women (Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton) join forces to map out their revenge. Will each of them find true love? Will Mark King suffer enough? My lips are sealed and you have to watch the film for answers.

Most if not all actors had good performances but, I’ve come to expect, rightly or wrongly great performances from A-list and/or seasoned comedic actors. In part there was some good bordering on great performances but mainly from “wife” Leslie Mann. Whose character arc from overly dependent to independent woman probably had the most depth and thereby latitude for a great performance. Ms Diaz as a hot-pant wearing plumber surprising Ms Mann instead of the intended real man of the house husband Nikolaj, was a great scene.

Cameron Diaz though untrained is such an accomplished comedic actress, she did not seem stretched by the perhaps two dimensional character she played. A two/three timing “high-powered”, “take-no-prisoners” type lawyer, she seemed a little off her game in the early part of the movie but there is always something about her that is just absolutely down to earth drop dead gorgeous and funny when she gets into her stride.

Her secretary Nicky Minaj is worth a mention. Mentioned, done. Jokes aside she is stunning to look at but her non-singing voice is a little too high pitched cartoon sounding for my liking. I expect her to grow into being a talking actress in the not too distant future.

Katie with a couple of more credits than Nicky’s one, tucked under her bikini strap comes across as a realistic bouncing beautiful yet stereotypical dumb blond. She was convincing in this role and many a young boy could easily spend many a happy minute watching Katie run along that beach, oblivious to the chasing Cameron being rugby tackled by Leslie, again and again.

I certainly enjoyed the film. Did it make me think about the consequences of cheating? Nope! Would I like to be Mark King with all the other characters in place? Let me see? Oh yes, I’ll plead the fifth on that or as we say on this side of the pond, mum’s the word.

THE OTHER WOMAN is definitely worth a watch or two.

3 out of 6 stars