Movie Review by EDF

Starring: Troy Duffy, Taylor Duffy, Gordon Clark, Jimi Jackson, Chris Brinker

Directors: Mark Brian Smith, Tony Montana

We have seen movies in the past where someone has an idea or a dream that they would pursue until the bitter end. Whether it’s a group of musicians hoping to make it into the big time or a filmmaker wanting to shoot his debut movie. Or how about starting up your own business, just say something like opening up your own bar and getting financial aid for it? How about a documentary that combines all of the above and features an egotistical maniac who does not even realise that he is one.

Troy Duffy has delivered a movie script to Miramax head honcho Harvey Weinstein who has green-lit “The Boondock Saints” for production. Not only will Troy direct the feature, he will also use his own band to record the soundtrack. On top of that, the bar where the deal was struck might have a couple of new owners in the form of Harvey and Troy. Everything is going so well, what could possibly go wrong? The answer to that lies with Troy Duffy himself.

For someone who claims that everybody needs friends, he quickly turns into everybody’s nightmare. Without knowing the word subtle and not one for kissing ass either, his one sided view to the way he approaches his movie is all but embarrassing. The movie budget gets cut and when it is finally shown at Cannes, no one buys the movie. His poor band-mates are dragged down as well when Troy spins some tales in trying to convince them that he has some pull within the music industry.

It is hard to feel much sympathy for a man who goes around verbally abusing people just to get his way. Troy does not seemingly use his head in figuring out that to pull off any sort of deal, you need to communicate with people, not go around shouting like you are the boss of everything. The two documentary makers, Tony Montana and Mark Brian Smith, have brilliantly captured how someone repeatedly shoots them self in the foot without knowing when to stop.

5 out of 6 stars