Oyster Farmer


Movie Review by Neil Sadler

Starring: Alex O’Lachlan, Diana Glenn, Kerry Armstrong, Jack Thompson

Director: Anna Reeves

The unfortunately-named Jack Flange, robs a fish market and mails the money to himself in a small community of oyster farmers in New South Wales, Australia. The money goes missing but his quest to find out who has it, draws him into the lives of his neighbours particularly a girl named Pearl.

OYSTER FARMER is a subtle, funny and thoughtful film. It makes stunning use of the scenery of New South Wales but that is far from its only strength. The scenery is vast, still and empty and it is obvious that writer/director Anna Reeves loves it. But she also loves her characters, despite their faults and idiosyncrasies and this shows in the way she allows each of them their backstory, their moment to shine and often to surprise you.

There is so much in this film that it is hard to believe it is only 90 minutes long. As well as the characters and scenery, the story is always interesting, never predictable and gives you an insight into the lives of the people it shows.

The central love story manages to inject real tension and the performances of the two leads are superb. The scenes between are tender and Jack’s character, initially selfish and brutal, mellows very believably.

This is a film about love, made with love for both the scenery and characters but mostly for the story it tells.

5 out of 6 stars