Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Cars, girls and more cars. That’s REDLINE in five words. Now you might think that’s not a bad thing, I have to admit it sounds good to me, but although REDLINE attempts to add these ingredients to an action based storyline, the overall direction and pace of the film is just too slow to match the speed of the cars.

The movie’s star and main hot babe is Nadia Bjorlin who plays street race driver Natasha who gets caught up in an illegal high stakes drag racing competition. The film plays out like a cross between video game NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND and RAT RACE, and although that’s not a bad thing it’s not going to do much for you either. After all it’s not a comedy, it’s an action picture that wants to be THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS but just doesn’t make it.

The best thing about REDLINE is the exotic cars on display and they are as fast as you can get, so why are some of the shots “speeded up”!

REDLINE just about keeps you watching the screen, but that’s about it.

2 out of 6 stars