Scary Movie 2

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Movie Review by Susannah Macklin

Starring: Anna Faris, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Tori Spelling

Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans

There’s a rule in life that should be followed and it goes something like this; never wear an outfit to a fancy dress party if you have to pin a sign on it, to make it obvious who you’re supposed to be!! I often find the same rule applies to movies – since when was THE BODYGUARD better than HIDEOUS KINKY? So the prospect of seeing SCARY MOVIE 2 – the ultimate in self-referential schlock humoured horror didn’t inspire much confidence.

Comedic brothers Marlon and Shawn Wayans return as Shorty the stoner and Ray – the er confused one, who scarily enough in their own right, have made the transition to college life. Along with other SCARY MOVIE refugees Cindy (Anna Farris) and loud mouthed homegirl Brenda (Regina Hall) the crew embark on an experimental trip as part of a ‘science project’ to the haunted Hell House. The house oozes evil left over from past inhabitants and as the gang’s stay unfolds they get into all sorts of scrapes encountering some pretty unsavoury sorts. Trust me, they must be tasteless to outdo this crowd!

Surprising then, that this movie is actually quite good! You also don’t have to have seen the first to appreciate it. If anything, having seen the original will just make you realise how far off the mark the Wayans really were the first time round. More in line with the brand of sick but sly observant gags that made the Farellys such a big hit, this script is funnier, but no less infantile or toilet tolerant in its humour! Of course the plot is vaguely familiar because just as with the first SCARY MOVIE – it’s all been done before, but here the series of spoofs the Wayans spin out cane the supernatural storyline, having a bash at everything from POLTERGEIST through to WHAT LIES BENEATH. They even have a crack at THE EXORCIST, with an astonishing amount of originality.

By now we should all know the set up with a sequel – if in doubt don’t knock another one out (no gutter humour intended). But this was worth the budget, so if you liked SCARY MOVIE (hell, even if you didn’t!) part two is worth the price of a ticket. As Shorty might put it – this is some funny shit son!

4 out of 6 stars