Scary Movie 3

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Movie Review by Susan Hodgetts

Starring: Anna Faris, Anthony Anderson, Leslie Nielsen, Camryn Manheim, Simon Rex

Director: David Zucker

… Be afraid, be very afraid!!

The SCARY MOVIE saga continues with this third instalment, which is a mixture of SIGNS, THE OTHERS, THE RING, 8 MILE and snippets of AMERICAN IDOL or POP IDOL in the UK.

Anna Faris plays a reporter who is investigating everything from crop circles to mysterious videotapes and sinister phone calls. She is joined by Charlie Sheen who plays Tom, a former priest who’s lost his will to preach and is now forced to contend with invading aliens and George (Simon Rex) his wannabe rapper brother. A myriad of celebrity cameos including Pamela Anderson, Redman, Ja Rule, Simon Cowell and Leslie Nielsen get involved with Cindy in her fight to stop evil from taking over the world again.

This is your basic slapstick spoof and it does not divert from what has already proved to be a winning formula, maintaining the same lead actress in the same lead role with the same writers (The Wayans Brothers) but swapping the director for the slapstick veteran David Zucker of the NAKED GUN series of films.

Charlie Sheen is as usual very good in slapstick films. He more than delivers in his role as the former priest, while Anna Faris shows she is equally capable of still appearing fresh in her third slapstick role as anchorwoman Cindy Campbell in the SCARY MOVIE trilogy. The whole supporting cast work off each other well under David Zucker’s direction and while he doesn’t break any new ground, he more than adequately maintains the good old slapstick standard.

SCARY MOVIE 3 is a very funny movie that gives you just what it says and no more, so for some good old-fashioned laughs this is definitely worth seeing.

4 out of 6 stars