Secret Things

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Movie Review by EDF

Starring: Sabrina Seyvecou, Coralie Revel, Roger Mirmont, Fabrice Deville

Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau

People do what they can to get to the top of the ladder. Whether it is being famous or wined and dined, it does not matter because taking that road means that people will be manipulated along the way. Women know that they have the upper hand over men and in SECRET THINGS they use what they have to their advantage. Sometimes the well laid out plans do not go as they should.

Sandrine (Sabrina Seyvecou) works in a trendy erotic bar where she considers Nathalie (Coralie Revel), one erotic dancers who works there, to be a kind of a secret role model. When the club’s boss makes a pass at Sandrine, Nathalie steps in and they are both fired on the spot. Sandrine, both penniless and in arrears with her rent, moves into Nathalie’s apartment. Wondering how Nathalie can dance naked in front of a group of spectators, Sandrine is persuaded to explore her body while Nathalie watches so that she can overcome her fear of being watched.

They realise that money is running out and they start looking for new jobs. Nathalie suggests that they use what they have to climb up the social ladder. They start going out in public wearing nothing underneath their coats so that they have a sense of superiority over those around them. Sandrine is taught how to treat men so that she is the one commanding the relationship.

Sandrine and Nathalie both get office jobs working for the same company; Nathalie is working in Human Resources while Sandrine is the office secretary. They both plot to get what they want by concentrating their efforts on key men within the company. Once Sandrine has manipulated those by getting promoted up the company, she realises that her actions are making her feel cold hearted. Will they both be able to successfully see their plans through or will their over-confidence drag them into a new dilemma?

Yes, this movie has everything from sex, masturbation, incest and orgies. The story is one of sexual awakening and manipulation. Three-quarters of the way through the movie, the story becomes dark and sinister. Everything actually starts to turn nasty as the story takes on a cruel twist and a life of its own. What is portrayed throughout the movie might upset some people and what movie should not be challenging by asking questions about the way we live our own lives.

5 out of 6 stars