Sex Is Comedy

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Movie Review by Alice Castle

Starring: Anne Parillaud, Gregoire Colin, Roxane Mesquida, Ashley Wanninger

Director: Catherine Breillat

Ever wondered what it’s like to have to recreate a passionate love scene in front of an entire film crew – and have to make it look like the best sex you’ve ever had. I think I’d bring in a couple of body doubles, and tape down private parts so that nobody can take out any lawsuits against anyone else. In Catherine Breillat’s (a MA SOEUR, ROMANCE) film, director Jeanne (Anne Parillaud) is gearing up two young attractive actors for the ultimate sex scene in her moody film about love and the human condition.

What should be a very funny film – in the sense of fore-play gearing us up for a climatic climax (pardon the pun) – never really manages to hold your attention – largely because director Jeanne is a bit of a verbose, self-obsessed pain in the neck. Her young male actor is terrified of cocking up (again, sorry!) but too proud to admit it. Instead he insists on picking the largest prosthetic penis he can possible manage – just for a tiny moment in the final love scene. Meanwhile the young actress is pretty laid back about the whole thing, and just wants to get back home to her real boyfriend.

Great idea – but not very well executed.

2 out of 6 stars