Shadow Hours

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Balthazar Getty, Rebecca Gayheart, Peter Weller, Peter Greene, Michael Dorn

Director: Isaac H Eaton

Michael (Balthazar Getty) is a gas station cashier. He does nights, six nights a week and it’s a lonely job, just him and the night time drunks and weirdos that plague the area. He’s also an ex-addict and an ex-junkie, totally cleaned up and married to a beautiful wife (Rebecca Gayheart) with a baby on the way.

Bored and frustrated with his job he gets distracted by a rich stranger Stuart (Peter Weller) who just happens to stop for gas one night. Stuart is a writer and interested in Michael’s life experience paying him to talk about himself. Michael also accompanies Stuart while he researches the night life in the city. The research however includes visiting all sorts of underground venues, from illegal fist fights to sex clubs, drug dens and brothels.

Temptation waits, and it’s not long before Michael is pulled backed to drink and drugs, a life he has fought so hard to leave behind. But it doesn’t stop there, Michael is exposed to more and more extremes. He also suspects Stuart is not who he claims to be but may be the killer police are looking for in a murder investigation. Why is Stuart really so interested in Michael’s life? How far will it all go?

SHADOW HOURS is an unusual film that will keep you guessing what Stuart’s motivations really are. You may also want to look away when some of the scenes of hooks piercing flesh come on the screen! As I said, an unusual film.

3 out of 6 stars