Shallow Ground

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Movie Review by EDF

Starring: Timothy V Murphy, Stan Kirsch, Patricia McCormack, Lindsey Stoddart

Director: Director: Sheldon Wilson

Taking its cue from the way horror movies were shot in the 1980’s where the production is crisp and clean, there is a familiar feel throughout this movie.

A naked boy (Rocky Marquette) is covered head to toe in blood. He walks out of a forest and into the lives of the departing employees of a closing down small time sheriff’s department. They put the boy in a room and call for Jack Sheppard (Timothy Murphy), the head sheriff, who was not planning to turn up on the last day. Jack is spending his time thinking back to when he and his girlfriend Amy Underhill (Tara Killian) were hiking through the forest and Amy went missing, now presumed dead. Jack believes that the boy has something to do with Amy’s disappearance and goes to question him. They are all spooked when they see that the boy has written, “no one leaves” on the office door.

They ask the local departing medic to take a look at a sample of blood that was covering the boy and the blood seems to be taken from at least three different people, if not more. Jack goes into the forest to backtrack on the boy’s bloody trail and finds the forest bleeding back at him. Back at the sheriff’s office, they take the boy’s fingerprints and when they run them through the computer, the boy’s fingerprints are of a host of missing people, including Amy’s. When another message appears stating, “our fate is yours”, time is quickly running out for those involved in trying to solve this mystery.

This is one of those movies where the sound effects are atmospheric enough to make the viewer jump. The cops spend a lot of time running around chasing red herrings and not a lot is achieved, except that it is… as each character eventually gets knocked off along the way, one by one. There is not a lot to get overly excited about here as most horror fans would have already seen this movie before in one form or another.

3 out of 6 stars