Shanghai Knights

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messsenger

Starring: Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Fann Wong, Donnie Yen, Aaron Johnson, Aidan Gillen

Director: David Dobkin

Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson get back together again for a second adventure in the SHANGHAI series. Once again Jackie Chan provides most of the action with his unique comedy style kung-fu and Owen Wilson provides the majority of the wise cracking jokes.

This time Wang (Jackie Chan) needs to recover a seal that has been stolen from the Emperor of China and was protected by Wang’s father who was killed by the thief. The seal has been taken to England where Wang’s sister Lin (Fann Wong) is already attempting to recover it. So off they go to England, a place Roy (Owen Wilson) is eager to visit because he describes it as ‘ass-soup’ (pretty girls). Upon arrival in England the pair find Lin already in jail having been framed for a crime she did not commit. But the detective in charge at Scotland Yard is a fan of the novels that have been written about Wang and Roy’s fictional adventures so is willing to help them. It soon becomes apparent that a member of the aristocracy Lord Rathbone (Aidan Gillen) is responsible for the theft and together with his evil ally Wu Chan (Donnie Yen) and his group of Chinese Boxers, plans to make himself King of England and Wu Chan Emperor of China.

To make matters worse or possibly just more fun Roy falls in love with Lin, which is more than slightly worrying for Wang!

SHANGHAI KNIGHTS is as much, if not more fun than SHANGHAI NOON, with more jokes from Owen Wilson and probably more action and stunts from Jackie Chan. It’s also just as original because transferring the story to England gives it a fresh edge and you don’t feel like it’s just a re-hash of the original. What’s more both the stars look as if they are enjoying making the movie and if you have got a sense of humour, you should too.

Jackie Chan’s brand of filmmaking is unique. There is no like him in western cinema and teamed up with Owen Wilson adds some dry humour to the proceedings. It’s great to just sit back and enjoy the fun as I’m sure will all the family regardless of their age. As always with a Jackie Chan movie make sure you watch the out-takes at the end of the film for some of the funniest bits.

4 out of 6 stars