6th Day

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Rapaport, Tony Goldwyn, Sarah Wynter

Director: Roger Spottiswoode

The near future, or as it states at the beginning of this movie, ‘sooner than you think’. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this big budget sci-fi action adventure as Adam Gibson, a Whisper helicopter pilot, who accepts a contract to fly a powerful billionaire businessman on a trip, but after swapping places with another pilot, he returns home to find a copy of himself enjoying his own surprise birthday party and having taken his place in every way.

Before he has a chance to confront his clone he is approached by security operatives who inform him that a 6th Day violation has taken place, and a human clone has been made, something that is supposed to have been made illegal due to prior accidents in the cloning process. It’s not long before Arnie is on the run from the security agents, and all hell breaks loose when he tries to get his life and his family back.

Arnie of course fills his role perfectly delivering one of his best roles to date. Michael Rapaport stars as his business partner and fellow partner and Sarah Wynter is the attractive, sultry looking security agent who won’t give up her pursuit no matter what! Look out also for just about the sexiest ever hologram played by Jennifer Gareis – Arnie’s partner’s virtual girlfriend.

THE 6TH DAY delivers exactly what it sets out to do, an exciting action packed sci-fi with great effects and a storyline that is more believable than most people will realise. In real life the human genome has already been mapped, and cloned organs are just around the corner. Also speculation exists about the downloading of memory and consciousness and the first cloned animal will soon be born.

A great movie and escapism for you to think about!

6 out of 6 stars