Stuart Little 2 (2002) – movie review

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Movie Review by Vivienne Messenger

Starring: Michael J Fox, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, Jonathan Lipnicki, Nathan Lane, Steve Zahn

Director: Rob Minkoff

The adventurous, daredevil mouse is back and lives an affluent lifestyle now he has his own car to drive to school and even a plane. He’s also an accomplished athlete and is raring to play football at any opportunity much to the horror of his mother (Geena Davis) who’s convinced he’ll be squashed in the mêlee. His naturally protective mother manages to bin the plane in the park when Stuart crash lands there and is rescued by the rest of the family who are in hot pursuit.

Stuart’s life takes a downturn when his brother, played by Jonathan Lipnicki, starts going of with other friends from school leaving Stuart alone. Driving home alone from school a small bird falls from the sky with an injured wing and lands in his car. He then has to out manoeuvre a falcon (Christopher Walken), which was preying on his passenger but now sees both as a tasty meal. Stuart’s excellent driving skills prevail and he takes the little bird Margalo (Melanie Griffith) home, straps up her wing and introduces her to his family. A firm friendship develops, as Margalo becomes part of the Little family. But Margalo is not all she seems and is hiding a dark secret.

Mrs Little’s ring disappears from the kitchen windowsill and helpful but impetuous Stuart volunteers to go down the sink drainpipe with help from his father (Hugh Laurie) in search of the it, after his dad assumed it fell into the sink while he was washing up. But the ring is nowhere to be found and Stuart embarks on a rollercoaster adventure that will stretch his abilities to the limit and with the help of his long suffering friend Snowbell (Nathan Lane) the family cat, Monty (Steve Zahn) and his brother who covers for him.

STUART LITTLE 2 is a very amusing film with excellent stunts and it won’t disappoint fans. It’s a fairly evenly paced movie so it doesn’t lose momentum. It is laden down though with sugary moments that evoke ‘aahs’ from the audience by the bucket load – so be warned!

My favourite, Snowbell, is the best character by miles delivering a continuously comical dialogue. Stuart Little is as dynamic as ever and the CGI detail on him is amazing.

4 out of 6 stars