Taxi (2004) – movie review

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Esposito, Ann-Margaret

Director: Tim Story

This US version of TAXI is based on the massive European French language hit movie of the same name. In fact it’s not just ‘based on’ but a direct remake of the film.

Queen Latifah plays taxi driver Belle Williams who, through circumstances, is forced into a partnership with bumbling New York detective Andy Washburn (Jimmy Fallon) in an effort to catch a gang of beautiful female bank robbers.

Belle’s particular skill is her ability behind the wheel in her suped-up taxi which adds spoilers and other customised extras at the push of a button.

TAXI is a light-hearted and quite funny movie, not exactly hilarious but amusing enough unless you have seen the original European version of TAXI. Now I’m not going to go on about the original TAXI being a film critic’s dream just because it’s in a foreign language, because the original TAXI is very much a mainstream film just as the US version is, but the original version is so much better and in so many ways. It’s got great driving stunts as opposed to the generally mediocre driving on offer here, the actors are outstanding, the plot is more fleshed out, the car (the taxi) is so much cooler and the comedy is much better too! Plus the European backgrounds add to the atmosphere. To top that TAXI 2 the sequel, is bigger budget, has even better stunts and is hilarious. There is also a TAXI 3 now which I haven’t seen yet but if you can get over the subtitles and want a real laugh go buy yourselves the DVD box set of TAXI 1 and 2 because you won’t regret it.

Well I think I got carried away there – I love the original TAXI movies – but back to the US remake and to close I will say that one outstanding asset the new film has is Gisele Bundchen who plays the leader of the gang of bank robbers – she is hot! In fact all the female gang are hot and it’s worth watching for them from my perspective at least – but you really should see the original films…

4 out of 6 stars