The Man With Four Legs

Movie Review by EDF

Stars: Simon Dobson, Terry Sweeney, Richard Southgate, Daniel Ormerod
Director:  Ed Christmas

There is something to be said about a movie that makes you assess how you approach people that have lost their way or are suffering through some trauma or other. A little bit of care and understanding goes a long way, even to the point that the person feels like someone understands what they are going through. Then there are those who take advantage of that person, those whose self interest might make it look like they are interested in what they are doing but they might end up doing more harm than good.

The Man With Four LegsWe follow three young men Ethan (Terry Sweeney), Angus (Richard Southgate) and Tom (Daniel Ormerod) who are embarking on what seems to be their first documentary. Angus has come across a story about James (Simon Dobson) who has recently been discharged from hospital suffering from amnesia. James was found unconscious in the street with a serious blow to his head. They find out where he lives and impose themselves on him in order to get a juicy story. James invites the filmmakers to a walk in the park where he spots Sam (Charlotte Asprey), who he runs up to and hugs, believing that she is his wife. She tells him that she has never seen him before. As they dig deeper and intrude more into James’ life, the three seem to be more concerned with their personal performance on camera than they are with their subject matter.

This is a very well shot, for the limited budget, and written movie from Ed Christmas. His direction makes the three protagonists seem cringe worthy and unlikeable as they manipulate their subject into situations that may or may not lead them down a destructive path. Simon Dobson fleshes out James into a very sympathetic character, who sees himself as a lost soul in a sea of lost souls. While the others think that James is psychotic, Dobson’s performance garners pity and understanding without demanding it from the viewer. Just when you think you know where the story is heading to, there are unexpected twists, surprises and shocks along the way.

5 out of 6 stars