Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009) – movie review

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Movie Review by EDF

Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Dunn

Director: Michael Bay

Welcome to the Michael Bay show. I hope you are sitting comfortably because for the next 150 minutes you will see jaw dropping CGI on screen like you have never seen before, that is until a certain 3D movie comes out later in the year. You will see more metal on screen than in all of the TERMINATOR movies put together. There is so much metal on view it nearly borders on pornographic. There are bigger and louder explosions in this movie than ever seen in any other movie before this. The two stars are so sexy, you can almost taste….. I think you get the general idea. This is a Michael Bay movie and there will be people that will hate this. However, they are in the minority and who really cares about them anyway because this sequel will put bums on seats.

Two years have passed since the Allspark was destroyed at the end of the first movie. A new task force has been created where the military and the Autobots have joined forces to search out to destroy any Decepticons that are still on Earth. Unfortunately, whenever the Decepticons are found, death and destruction are sure to follow. Since the US president would prefer this to be discreet, he sends in a right pain in the ass government guy who tells the Autobots to leave the planet. Meanwhile Sam (Shia LaBeouf) is getting ready to go to college. He is taking a lift from his parents who are heading off to Paris, France. Sam also arranges with his girlfriend Mikaela (Megan Fox) to chat to her on webcam while he is away at college. What could possibly go wrong?

Sam finds a piece of the Allspark in one of his old clothes. He touches it and causes it to transmit some strange ancient writing into his brain. It also transforms every kitchen appliance into a killing machine. Just managing to escape with his life, he is saved by Bumble Bee. Leaving a wrecked house, Sam and his parents head off to college. Meanwhile the Decepticons have linked up to one of Earth’s communication satellites and have located the other remaining piece of the Allspark. The Decepticons plan is to steal this piece of the Allspark to revive Megatron and for The Fallen to return and destroy Earth.

As a typical sequel, there is more of everything here. More Transformers, thanks to Optimus Prime inviting the Autobots to come to Earth. Unfortunately, this means there is the inclusion of twin Autobot cars that end up having more screen time than any other Transformer. The Decepticons come across as more destructive than ever before. One of the movies major set pieces is the forest battle between Optimus Prime verses three Decepticons that will have you gripped to your seat. This scene is also shot in glorious IMAX and the CGI work is truly spectacular. In fact, the effects are so seamless; you forget you are watching computer graphics. The downside to it all is that sometimes, the CGI and explosions are well over the top to the point that you are not sure what you are looking at. There is so much more to the final battle, which could have been shortened, it just seems to never end.

Regardless of this, there is rarely a dull moment and the quieter love / romance scenes between Sam and Mikaela are a welcome break to the seemingly non-stop action. This is a typical popcorn blockbuster movie and there is no doubt there will be another sequel. Any chance it will be Transformers 3-D?

5 out of 6 stars