The Wash (2001) – movie review

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Movie Review by Neils Hesse

Starring: Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, George Wallace, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, D J Pooh, Alex Thomas

Director: D J Pooh

Hip hop guru Dr Dre stars as Sean alongside his hip hop partner Snoop Doggy Dogg who neatly plays his flatmate Dee Loc. The rent for the flat is due and Sean has just lost his job so Dee Loc suggests that he should go down to ‘The Wash’. This is where Dee Loc works, washing cars for Mr Washington (a.k.a. stand up comedian George Wallace). Mr Washington is so impressed by Sean that he hires him, but as his manager. This effectively puts him in charge of Dee Loc, which places a strain on their friendship but with hilarious consequences. Meanwhile Mr Washington is receiving threatening calls from a disgruntled ex-employee Chris (Eminem). When Mr Washington is kidnapped Dee Loc and Sean step in, but first have to settle their differences while negotiating for the safe return of their boss Mr Washington – and pay their rent!

Snoop Dogg excels as the small time drug dealer / car wash attendant perfectly projecting a typical hustler aura, as does Eminem in a cameo role as the disgruntled employee displaying a good balance between comedy and drama. Dr Dre just about pulls off his role as a simple, straightforward young black man trying to make an honest living. The trouble is that despite being in a lot of funny situations he doesn’t handle the comedy too well. George Wallace is George Wallace you either like his style or you don’t but for what he does he does it well – very loud, sassy and sarcastic.

The direction handled by D J Pooh is steady and manages to maintain the flow of light comedy throughout providing a variety of classic comedy situations. THE WASH soundtrack is produced by Dr Dre and compliments the whole feel and setting of the movie to perfection. Unfortunately, though the story is very good, the opportunity for more character and plot development would have made the movie far more engaging. Light entertainment only!

3 out of 6 stars