Wild Hogs (2007) – movie review

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Movie Review by Neils Hesse

Starring: Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H Macy, Ray Liotta

Director: Walt Becker

Most people give into middle age with a quiet, yet futile struggle. Every little decision has a million repercussions and so you find yourself almost instinctively avoiding anything risky by telling yourself how busy you are and how much you have to lose. For four friends on the cusp of those old mid-life blues taking to the open road on their motorbikes might just give them a taste of the good old days!

Along the way they manage to attract the unwanted attentions of a very gay Village People-esque cop who wants to play a bit of slap and tickle. They also cross paths with a bunch of real nasty bikers in a confrontation that might just give them back that sparkle that set them off on this wild ride in the first place!

Putting a bunch of stars in one movie can have equally good and disastrous effects, wild as it may seem these four guys actually pull it off! The whole aura that you’d expect from a group of long time friends is there in spades and it’s great to see Travolta just hanging loose and having some fun for a change, with a hilarious scene stealing Karaoke session by Kyle Gass that’s almost worth the ticket price all on it’s own!

Okay so movie is predictable and it isn’t exactly treading new ground but it’s funny and it can easily be enjoyed by the whole family or a grumpy old bachelor! Hell I enjoyed it so you ought to too!

Oh and when you do go to see it stay for the credits, it will definitely be worth your while!

3 out of 6 stars