Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie (2004) – movie review

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Movie Review by Neils Hesse

Starring: Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Scottie Ray, Wayne Grayson, John Campbell, Amy Birnbaum

Director: Hatsuki Tsuji

In this realm of animation the main event is a game that involves cards that possess powers that call creatures with varying power to duel with other similar creatures called by another player. As with all games there is always a champion and in this case a small boy called Yugi is the world champion but he is not just a boy his soul is joined to an ancient champion called Pharaoh.

An ancient evil that Pharaoh banished many years ago is awakened and is intent on destroying the world. A regular opponent of Yugi is tricked into making it possible for this ancient evil, Anubis, to return to the world of the living to duel with the Pharaoh/Yugi in what turns out to be a battle that not only could destroy the world but could also destroy both Yugi and Pharaoh forever.

This is basically an extended version of the episodes that are shown on television, and as such it is targeted at the followers of this show. For dedicated fans this film will be perfect for them as all the Yu-Gi-Oh gang are here, but for the uninitiated this is not worth the trip to the cinema, so if you are a fan get to it, if not stay away but for kids in general this should be entertaining enough.

3 out of 6 stars