ANACONDA [1997] – Official Trailer (HD)

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25 years ago, nature bit back. See Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube in #Anaconda – now on Digital:

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Anaconda is an action-packed thriller starring JENNIFER LOPEZ (The Wedding Planner), rap superstar ICE CUBE (XXX: State of the Union), Academy Award®-winner JON VOIGHT (1978 Best Actor, Coming Home) and ERIC STOLTZ (Almost Famous). A documentary film crew, headed by anthropologist Steve Cale (Stoltz) and director Terri Flores (Lopez), ventures into the world’s most isolated jungle – the Amazon – in search of a lost and forgotten civilization. Early in their journey, they come to the aid of Paul Serone, a Paraguayan guide (Voight), who joins their expedition. But Serone is actually a poacher on the trail of a legendary snake. When Serone hijacks the boat and its crew on his quest to track and kill the giant snake, he steers the expedition right into the path of the deadly monster. Get ready for a wild, scare-a-minute thrill ride because ANACONDA will grab you and take your breath away.

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