Best Star Wars Scary Moments | The 10

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It’s the time of year when we love to celebrate all things spooky. So in this installment of the 10, we’re picking the most frightening bits from Star Wars. For this list, we’re focusing on scary moments from the films as well as the animated series, ranking them on impact, originality, and fright factor.

10. Spider-Maul
If there’s two things that scare the poodoo out of people it’s Sith Lords and spiders. Combine the two and you have the nightmare factory known as Spider-Maul. After losing his real legs on Naboo, Darth Maul spent the next 12 years feeding off of his own hatred and rage creating these 8 mechanical appendages of terror.

9. Workplace Hazard
It’s already a scary enough having to dance in Jabba’s palace, but when you decide to take a stand against your boss, you better make sure you’re not doing so on top of a rancor pit. Though we never see Oola’s final fate, her screams tell us all we need to know.

8. Temple Nightmare
Alone. Powerless. Afraid. Those feelings run through Ezra during his terrifying journey through the Jedi Temple, as the Inquisitor cuts down his friends and stalks him relentlessly. It’s vivid, seemingly real, and frightening. But even boogey men in a galaxy far, far away can be defeated. Well done, young Padawan.

7. Pointed Conversation
Being alone in a cell with Darth Vader is bad enough. Toss in this guy [the droid], and a really big needle, and just…no, uh-uh. The look on Leia’s face says it all.

6. Brain Worm City
What’s more ghoulish than a Geonosian? How about an undead, brain-worm powered hoarde of ‘em? In the Geonosis caverns, these reanimated walking bugs take down Obi-Wan and Anakin’s squad from above — and below. And they keep on coming.

5. Wicked Wampa
Unfortunately, Jedi powers don’t include wampa detection. When Luke and his tauntaun are attacked, it’s fast, violent, and shocking. Pro-tip: If your tauntaun smells something, head back to base. Fast.

4. The End of Anakin
It’s both brutal and heartbreaking. After an epic battle, the newly minted Darth Vader wants one last shot at his former Master. His hubris, however, would prove to be his undoing. After a defensive strike by Obi-Wan, Anakin falls to the banks of a lava river, beaten, broken, and soon — burning. This is the cost of the dark side.

3. Don’t Look Outside
Leia’s spotting of a mynock is a great jump scare, but it’s only a preview of the really bad things to come. Next time, maybe don’t dock on an asteroid.

2. Electrifying Emperor
This is the face of hate. When Luke refuses to turn to the dark side, an enraged Emperor unleashes a torrent of Force lightning upon the Jedi — and enjoys it. It’s pure, unfiltered evil — a full display of the dark side, twisted and horrifying.

1. Vision of Fate
The haze. The darkness. The fear. Luke’s experience in the Dagobah cave is like a nightmare come to life, from his surprise encounter with Darth Vader to what he sees beneath the mask. It’s a warning to the young Jedi about what his fate may be, and it’s completely haunting. We’d be very scared stepping into that cave, weapons or no — and that’s why we rank it #1.

So what do you think? Did we overlook something? Did we nail it? Are we out of our minds? Comment and let us know.

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