Camp Hideout (2023) Official Trailer – Corbin Bleu, Christopher Lloyd, Amanda Leighton, Ethan Drew

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Camp Hideout – In theaters now and available on Digital & On Demand on October 24. Starring Corbin Bleu, Christopher Lloyd, Amanda Leighton, and Ethan Drew.

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When mischievous Noah gets himself into trouble with big-city crooks by accidentally stealing a game controller holding secret information, he escapes to a summer camp run by loud, cranky yet bighearted Falco. Though feeling like a fish out of water, Noah begins to create bonds with camp leader Jake and some of the other kids at camp. After the bad guys track Noah down, the camp kids band together to fend them off, turning their woods into a series of booby traps including bees, zip lines, and slippery decks, and teaching Noah a valuable lesson in sticking together.