Crypto [2019] | Official Trailer and Review

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One of the best ways to understand if a particular trend, invention or innovation is gaining popularity is to see if it has been picked up by movies and TV shows as a plot point. It is almost always the case that producers and directors try and take advantage of these trends and incorporate them in their stories, but this is also a good indicator of whether those new developments will stick around, since movies take a while to be produced, and the filmmakers need to be convinced that those ideas will still be relevant when the movie is actually released. Thus, it is encouraging to see how cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming a plot point in quite a few Hollywood movies. Of all of these movies, Crypto is one of the more exciting ones, as it blends the crime thriller genre with a new development in cryptocurrencies. Starring Beau Knapp, Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel and Luke Hemsworth, this is definitely a movie worth checking out, both for crypto fans as well as fans of the genre.

The trailer for the movie sets the tone, with ominous music and great snapshots from the movie. We understand that Knapp, who is a young Wall Street banker, considered a prodigy, is reassigned to his home town in upstate New York when he tries to bring a potential money laundering case to light. Back home, he discovers an even bigger plot, with the Russian mafia using cryptocurrencies to launder millions of dollars. The contrast between New York and the small town, with farming and tractors, is well established, and as the trailer progresses, we see the bad guys show up eventually as well, with a lot of guns being menacingly drawn and cocked. All of this sets up what is likely to be a thrilling story, and the movie itself does not disappoint in that regard.

Before getting into the movie itself, it is important to note just how popular cryptocurrencies are becoming today. We are seeing crypto used and integrated across multiple sectors – not just in finance and technology, but in various other areas where there are many benefits to using cryptocurrencies. One such example is of the online gambling space, where there are multiple new websites offering crypto gambling i.e. the option to place bets by using cryptocurrencies. It is no surprise that this has proven to be very popular, and is already changing the way many of these websites operate. Thus, we can see the influence that crypto is already having across multiple sectors, with film being just one of them.

With regard to this movie, it may be slightly disappointing for those with knowledge of cryptocurrencies, as some of the terms used, as well as the trading methods, are inaccurate. However, this should not bother regular watchers, who will still gain some insight into how cryptocurrencies work. In fact, the filmmakers have made it a point to explain things as much as possible, which can actually become slightly annoying, but is nevertheless a good detail for those who have no idea about cryptocurrencies. The cast does a good job for the most part, with Knapp in particular doing well, while the editing may be a little sloppy at times, and the music can seem cliched. All of these are minor issues, as the plot moves along at a rapid pace, and therefore this is a good, thrilling movie, with the added bonus of cryptocurrency references and knowledge which should make it attractive for many potential viewers. Crypto is therefore a good watch for fans of this genre, but they should not go in expecting a masterpiece.