Dancing in the Moonlight Clip from FOUR LIONS – Riz Ahmed, Kavyan Novak

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In a British city, four men have a secret plan. Omar is determined to become a soldier in the mujahideen. For Waj following Omar to training camp is a no brainer – partly because it is the most exciting plan he has ever heard and partly because he has no brain. But Barry doesn’t need a “tramp up a mountain” to tell him how to bring on the end of days. He’ll stay behind and channel the wayward expertise of Faisal who can make a bomb but wants it delivered by a kamikaze crow and Hassan Malik – a student who is so keen to prove he’s for real, he will agree to bombing a mosque. Omar’s crew must strike a blow on home turf – but can they strike a match without punching themselves in the face? Directed by Chris Morris (The Day Today, Brass Eye), co written with Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (In the Loop, Peep Show), with flawless performances from Riz Ahmed (Shifty, Road to Guantanamo), Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker, Syriana), Nigel Lindsay, Arsher Ali and Adeel Akhtar with Kevin Eldon and Julia Davis in unforgettable cameos, Four Lions finds surprising light and shade in its incendiary subject, tightens to a white knuckle climax and rocks with laugher from start to finish.

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