Death Race | Jensen Breaks Out of the Race

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A bomb has been activated, enabling Jensen (Jason Statham) and Joe (Tyrese Gibson) to break out of the Death Race. But the guards, armed with machine guns and helicopters, are right on top of them. Can they escape? #DeathRace #JasonStatham #Action

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Welcome to the Death Race, where hardened convicts and smoking-hot navigators race tricked-out cars in the most twisted spectator sport on Earth! Sentenced to the world’s most dangerous prison for a murder he did not commit, Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) has only one chance to get out alive – win the ultimate race to the death. Also starring Tyrese Gibson, Death Race is a “supercharged, sick and satisfying” (Nathan Lee, The New York Times) ride that will keep you pinned to your seat all the way to its insane, metal-crushing end!

© 2008 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Cast: Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane, Joan Allen, Natalie Martinez
Produced By: Jeremy Bolt, Paul W.S. Anderson, Paula Wagner
Written & Directed By: Paul W.S. Anderson